So Far Gone...

Simply Amazing.

I wasn't going to say anything because the music speaks for itself...but I would like to make the following 2 points.

1. Your iPod/Home Stereo/iTunes/Car Speakers NEEDS this. Don't deny the supply! Click the image to download right now!

AND 2. Drake IS Lil Wayne's fire.
Let me explain...Who recently has been able to compete with Weezy?

Don't worry I'll wait...

The answer = NO 1.
Drake is so extravicious that he can actually challenge the Weeze. If you have ever been the best at something, you know how exciting it is to come across someone who can perform on your level because you just get bored delivering whippings &/OR trying to "out-do" yourself. You can GET LOOSE because you feel challenged and all people who are the best at something get "fired up" by the challenge alone. Weezy did just that - GOT LOOSE on a few of the tracks.