Recently Played on the iPod

10. Feather - Little Dragon
9. Body Language - Boney James
8. Prom Queen - Weezy
7. Come on Christmas - MGMT
6. Give it away - Zero 7
5. Dirty Trip - Air
4. Louboutins - Jenny from the block
3. So appalled - Mr. West
2. Light Side of the Moon - PHOENIX
1. Take it there - Little Brother


Love of my life

2 words...Concert Tour


Jane Bond

Click here to download Jane Bond


Harajuku Barbie

Get off the Nickster! I told em your girl was the hotness.



Click Here to DOWNLOAD ELECTROCUTED....An interesting mix of electrifying tunes, obviously.

(Track listing included in download)


Love Sick

Click Here to Download Love Sick...a montage of love soaked ballads sparking nostalgia of your first heartbreak. Sad, but necessary.


1st Amendment

Martin's 2nd Annual 1st Amendment comedy show at the Lincoln Theater was funny as usual. Rickey Smiley, the host, was HILARIOUS!

This is definitely a comedy ticket you don't want to miss.


American Dreaming flow

So, it turns out my boy B. Davis at American Dreaming can flow a little bit. Scuuuuse me !


Amy = Awesome

Amy Winehouse from estaentodo on Vimeo.

A friend reminded me of how Awesome Amy Winehouse is. Her voice is unique, her style is cool AND her lyrics are real. Back to Black is my go-to "chill out at the house" album.


This week on my ipod : top 10

10. The Look of Love - Isaac Hayes
9. Rave Vox - Aalfa
8. Bria's Interlude - Drake ft. Omarion
7. Queen Bitch - Lil' Kim
6. My House - Cassie
5. Whenever you're Around - Jill Scott
4. A Night Off - Drake ft. Llyod
3. What's It Gonna Be?! - Busta Rhymes ft. Janet Jackson
2.Crown Royal - Jill Scott
1. The Healer - Eykah Badu


Im The One

"To all you business men just tryin' to f*uck, you can now feel stupid while you watch me blow up"....Ooomp! Couldn't have said it better myself.

Mira's gangster ass message in this one makes up for other

Get it Mira!

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Happy Non-Mothers day

To all the "Non-Moms"

Moms are uber cool. We all know that. I like 'em. I have friends that are moms.

Happy Mother's day.

For all of the voluntary "Non-Moms"...Congratulations.
There are tons of people who have kids for the wrong reasons and mess their lives up. AND subsequently, mess the kids' lives' up.

But you cleared that hurdle. You stayed focused on you, didn't get caught up, are enjoying your life and have kept your options open.

I'm just saying...

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I LOVE Michael Jackson.

If you have turned your back on him, you are an ass hole.
Plain & Simple.

1. The family that charged him were previously jailed for shop lifting from a department store. Real Credible, Right?

2. Have you ever seen MJ in shorts, a tank top or flip flops..EVER? No. Hmmm, I wonder why?

3. "Bad" and "Thriller" sell more units that all of the artists on Billboards monthly Top 40 combined (for that year) since their
release 20+ years ago.

4. Read this.

5. Watch these

He may have an obsession for plastic surgery, likes to play with kids, have kids who we all know probably aren't his and is just plain weird sometimes BUT all that is forgivable for a man who has worked almost every day of his life to bring us happiness and who has enriched our lives soooo much...imagine your child hood without MJ. BORING.

All I'm saying is

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Big Pooh's Album cover


Big Pooh's new album cover.
Makes you curious about the content, doesn't it?
Marketing goal accomplished.


Le Original R & B Soundtrack to Love Makin'

This is the mix that started it all. Some friends heard it, tested it out & loved it!

It's a montage of 90's R&B. It's a great follow up to a romantic dinner or bubble baths.

This is a for sure "Get out of the dog house free" card.

Click Here to enjoy Smooth Love : The Soundtrack!


You Just Might...

See me in one of these.


Ben's Next Door

I am currently selecting music for DC's newest U Street sensation, Ben's Next Door.

Next Door is an Upscale sports bar & restaurant. CHEF ROCK, Hell's Kitchen season 3 winner, is throwin' down in the kitchen.

THE Legendary Ben's Chili Bowl was awarded best chilli spot in the US by Bon Appetitte.

Stop by and enjoy the trio of star power!

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Guess who is the new DJ for the new Guess store in DC?

Yes! Me, Phoenix! I'm soooo excited!!

1 step deeper into my goal of being a branded music selector!

If you are near by, come by and enjoy some music!

Saturdays 12-5pm, 13th & F street, NW Downtown DC

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